Armes de chasse - Ledoux

Hi, I recently bought a scarf called “Armes de chasse” signed by Ledoux. I tried searching it on the internet but I have only found one with the same color variation. Does anyone know in what color variations this scarf was made? The one I own has gold and yellow/mustard colors.


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Regarding the Armes de Chasse scarf by Ledoux, we have records of four color variations in our database, but there are more. When Hermes does reeditions, they add new color variations.

We are missing your color variation, so if you’d like, you can share the picture, and I will add it to the database.

Your contribution would be much appreciated!


Other than the four variations in the database that Baptiste mentioned (Armes de chasse red, blue, white - Hermès Scarf Details | Scarf Sage) , I also discovered some additional variations online.

This one features shades of brown, cream, gray, and gold. Source: Le grenier d’amatxi.

This scarf features bright blue, dark navy blue, and gold.


It is still underway but I will send a picture of it once it has arrived! Thank you for your anwser :slight_smile:

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I also found additional variations in the Drouot auction house archive.

In brown, yellow, and gold.

In brown, orange, and gold, though I think it’s the same one as the first variation Lyn posted, just in a brighter photo.

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I found this picture on bukowskis, it looks a lot like the one I bought.


I’m also a fan of yellow. This is such a gorgeous shade, vibrant and elegant, with a touch of luxury :yellow_heart:


I discovered another variation of Armes de chasse.

Armes de chasse / source: Hôtel des ventes de Monte-Carlo