Dimitri Rybaltchenko Signature

I have a Sous le Cedre that was gifted to me, but my friend thinks it’s not authentic because the Dimitri R signature is different than on her newer scarf. Every picture I have found of Sous le Cedre has the same signature, but it is different than her Offrandes d’un Jour. Any insight? Thank you!


Can you provide a photo of the signature on your scarf ~ and perhaps photos of some of the other pertinent details as well?


Here are some phots. Thanks!


I compared the signature to several genuine scarves on the Carre de Paris website ~ and I see no difference. It would appear that the artist signed his name a little differently back then than he does now. That’s not unusual. An artist’s signature may change and evolve with time. I think your scarf is fine. Enjoy it!


Thats what I thought too! Thanks!

You’re welcome! It’s a gorgeous scarf!

That’s very helpful! Thank you.

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