Seeking advice on authenticity of Astrologie scarf without signature

I found an Astrologie scarf on an online shop and I’m thinking about buying it. However, I noticed it doesn’t have the designer’s signature, unlike others I’ve seen. Any tips on how to make sure it’s authentic?


This particular model is known for producing both signed and unsigned scarves. It has been reissued several times, and while some versions feature the artist’s signature, others do not. If it’s signed, you’ll typically find it near the bottom right, close to the picture of the crab, as shown in this example.

Just a heads up, the recent ones on Hermes’ official website have no signature there.

So I think you can find ones without a signature in a vintage piece :slight_smile:


I have one that doesn’t have a signature !


Thanks, everyone! So it seems there are both signed and unsigned versions. The one I’m interested in buying is the black and white one without a signature :wink:

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